dental surgery recovery time

Certainly, due to many causes, dental surgery is required for anybody. But the question is- How long does it take to recover from dental surgery? Significantly, the answer is not simple and depends on the dental surgery types. More complex surgery need a long time for recovery. Let’s go into the deep!

Tooth extraction:

The stretches are removed after approximately 7 days. Due to the surgery pain, bruising, swelling, etc it may take longer. After the stretches are removed, the full recovery time will be 7 to 10 days more, depending on the person.


This type of surgery includes Root canal treatment and dental pulp. The recovery time will be 1 week or less.


The dental prosthetics surgery needs different times to recover, depend on the type. The Prosthodontics examples are- Crown (caps), Dentures (false teeth), Implant, Veneers, Bridge and Implant-supported prosthesis. 

Orthodontic treatment:

Adding dental braces is no much painful. After 5-7 days the initial discomfort will not fellable. Normal food can be eaten after 7 days. The recovery time or the braces removing time will depend up to the Dental surgeon.

Oral and maxillofacial surgery:

They are not a simple procedure. They are performed in situations like- injuries, many diseases, defects in the jaws, neck, head, face, etc, soft tissues of the maxillofacial or oral region. The recovery time can be up to 30 days depending on the surgery type.

Periodontology surgery:

This surgery is related to structures of teeth and managing them. So this kind of surgery’s recovery time can take up to 15-25 days.