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Who doesn’t fear to get their tooth pulled out? Yes, it is a nightmare which can get the best of us. Tooth extraction can be very painful and can cause you to lose your sanity over the smallest of things –but, who wouldn’t like munching on ice-cream after getting their tooth pulled out? There is always some good in life. Tooth extraction is a minor dental surgery in which the tooth which is causing pain is separated from the bone. But the question arises of how long does the after-pain bother us for? Let’s find out.

The constant cycle of the pain:

The severe pain we all talk about, here it is. The dental procedure might go as if nothing happened because the Anesthesia always has our back, but as soon as Anesthesia wears off the pain hits us. It is very common and ordinary to feel the pain after getting your tooth extracted. Like, trouble widening your mouth or even the slightest movement in the jaw or the mouth.

The swelling, residual bleeding lasts till 24 hours after the tooth extraction takes place, but if severe pain lasts for more than 4 hours of the surgery, it is time for you to call your dentist.

Reasons for increased pain after tooth extraction:

Although the pain lasts for about four hours, you could be doing something wrong if it continues for a more extended period.

Avoid doing the following reason if you are:

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•    Rinsing and spitting forcefully

•    Smoking

•    Running tongue over the surgical area

•    Drink any liquid from a straw for the first 24 hours is to be avoided, and if you are doing it, stop.

•    Eating chewable foods Taking care of the surgical area after tooth extraction is essential. Extra care is needed as a lack of attention can cause infection, which is the last thing we want. Do as your dentist has prescribed. Don’t brush or floss for the first 12 hours, take medicines, rinse with water and salt solution after 24 hours of the extraction and eat soft foods such as soup, pudding, oatmeal. You will be good to go and recovered in no time.