Let’s look at the three types of skin cancer.

These are things that people need to know that…

First of all basal cell carcinoma this is basal cell carcinoma which is one of the non-melanoma cancers.

second one then comes up to Squamous Cell.

Squamous cell carcinoma skin cancer is also a second type of non-melanoma but it is a type of skin cancer. And you can see that’s raised it would seem that that is that’s the difference here, where you’re looking at it

Melanoma skin cancer

Then melanoma skin cancer where basically everything gives up the borders, give up completely on the mole.

So skin cancers are broken down into two main types’ melanoma and non-melanoma.

The basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas are the non-melanomas and then third is melanoma and so you know obviously seeing a dermatologist is really important to have a complete skin exam the dermatologist can determine if you have cancer cells pre-cancer cells or are at risk of cancer.

Which one is the most dangerous and is it treatable? Are these treatable?

So that is an exceptionally normal inquiry which for the most part needs to know, if doctors find a skin cancer early it can be treated and therefore may be considered curable, however skin cancers can spread and be life-threatening and since you did ask the most dangerous of them is melanoma.

All right but they are treatable but you’ve got to has anything else you need to examine, you need to get to the doctor as quick as you can. Yes, absolutely. You realize cancer’s specialists generally talk about prevention first and then early detection and so if they want to have the best rate of success early detection is going to be key.

one in five by age 70 and more people are diagnosed with skin cancer each year then all other cancers combined so let’s walk through some certain cancers and the most common and least aggressive form of skin cancer is basal cell carcinoma .

What is it How treatable is it?

It begins in the top layer of the skin the epidermis and generally doesn’t spread any further it’s easily treated

Celebrities like Hugh Jackman are afflicted with the basal cell carcinoma and he’s had several removed and gets checkups every three months with his dermatologist.

Which is important to do because not only does he have it but it we should also be checked by a dermatologist.

Recommendation to be checked doctor? At least once a year if you have lesions then you might have to go more frequently.

It’s like a full-body check

Yes and you can do your own checking at home the Skin Cancer Foundation has a body map that you can mark your areas of concern.

Q: And as you’re reading since you brought that up what do we do?

You check them once a month and if it’s changing you have to follow up with your dermatologist.

Great advice there we have another image of squamous am I saying that correctly? Squamos cell carcinoma is the second most common form of skin cancer.

more than a million cases of squamous cell are diagnosed each year resulting in more than 15,000 deaths it’s easily treated again it can be excised by the dermatologists and just followed up.

Is this the case with Actor Bob Marley

Bob Marley had a melanoma which is the most aggressive skin cancer Bob Marley actually had skin cancer in his toe and he was actually recommended to have it removed because of his religion and because he feared physicians he never had it removed and unfortunately it spread everywhere and the cause his death.