tooth cost in london
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Yes, the most common problem that everyone goes through at least once in their life. Tooth extraction can be painful, but yet, it relieves us from the soul-crushing pain we were going through. No matter how bright of a smile we have, there will be a point in our life where we will be cruising our car to the dentist while placing our palm on that swollen cheek.

But wait, what about the price? We all deserve to know how much we will be investing up to in getting our tooth pulled out just like that and that too, in London.

Cost of tooth extraction in London:

Two sectors provide dental care in London. One being the National healthcare system (NHS) and the other one is the favorite, well-known The Private Sector.

The pricing in the NHS sector for a simple tooth extraction flutters around,£59.10 to £62.10. On the other hand, the private sector pricing goes a mile.

National healthcare system (NHS)

They flutter around from £50 – £370. It depends if your tooth can be extracted out by the standard procedure or if your tooth is shaped differently and needs a surgical method for the extraction, which can go seemingly very high on the cost and can be heavy on your pockets.

Care tips:

•    Don’t wash and brush your teeth 24 hours after extraction.

•    Eat soft foods and most liquids.

•    Use cold compress.

•    Gargle with salt and water solution.

•    When sleeping, try to prop your head upward with pillows, as lying flat can prolong healing.

•    Don’t apply pressure or force while talking.

•    Keep your medications active.

•    Look up for your scheduled routine checkups.


From the price of tooth extraction to the care and tips – it’s all on us to make things work. All you need is an extra mile of research and extra care to make things right for you. Keep that smile of yours bright because we all know, that a toothache can never be ignored.