Twelve Mistakes that you are probably making when you’re brushing your teeth

Yes we know many of you guys have been brushing your teeth for twenty years & Fifty years in some cases maybe more and we bet there’s not a single person reading this who has not made one of these 11 mistakes and we bet most of you guys are consistently making many of these mistakes so stick around some of these…

We don’t think you’ve heard and you’re going to find this pretty intrigued we went off spoke to our research with dentist & we found some very interesting things so bringing this in let’s dive right into what are the eleven mistakes that most people the vast majority of the world is making when it comes to taking care of their teeth

1 : Keeping Your Tooth Brush for way too long

number one is that they are using their toothbrush way too long the life of a toothbrush consistent use twice a day seven days a week 30 some 30 or 31 days a month is three months

After about 200 uses you need to start looking for a new toothbrush brushed why the bristles so toothbrush that’s been used too much you can kind of look at it

dead toothbrush

Bristles are going to start to go all over the place this affects other items we’re going to get into but it does not allow you to brush your teeth properly so you need to look to get rid of this toothbrush every three months

2: Not Brushing for Long Enough

You’re not brushing your teeth long enough so recently started using an electronic toothbrush TAO Clean best clean system toothbrush the cool part about this is that it has a timer and mostly people not used to using a timer on toothbrush once you start using it two minutes but it’s going through that might be bit longer and what that brush told you is it you have consistently been not brushing your teeth long enough two minutes is what we’re supposed to use why gives time for the fluoride to start to you know react to the teeth to go in there and it is the recommended amount so two minutes

fast tooth-brushing

We think most of us are brushing our teeth less than minute we just get into routine we were going through thing and done two minutes is what you want to shoot for and that’s one of the right reasons

we recommend some of these electronic toothbrushes is and there are other reasons as well but the timer in of itself is worth it now you don’t have a time to just simply use a stopwatch use your phone etc but brush your teeth for two minutes.

3: Rinsing with Water

Is that you’re rinsing with water yes after you brush that even for two minutes and you spit it out there they new throw water and we do this all the time and guess what you’re taking half of that most of that floor it right out of your mouth you’re spitting out you want to leave that in there now a way around this and still being able to rinse out your mouth is to actually use mouthwash

mouth wash

Mouthwash that has fluoride in it and then you can quickly rinse gargle spit that out and the fluoride actually still going to stick to your teeth but don’t want to use water after you brush your teeth just spit it out and get used to that feeling. We understand some of them it’s very hard so try to use a rinse.

4: Storing Your Toothbrush in the Bathroom

Most of the people storing toothbrushes in the bathroom this one we think almost all of us are doing it and we do it because of convenience.

toothbrushes in bathroom

The problem and just run a study and they talk about more than half of the toothbrushes that they you know tested had a bit of feces on them

Yes guys there is actually crap on your toothbrush in more than half and that’s because you’re storing it in your bathroom we don’t know how it’s getting there all we know is that this stuff is for real, when you’re storing it in the bathroom guess what higher it’s more humid in there a higher percentage it’s going to get wet it’s not going to the time to dry out even if you put it in a cover

The best way (if you don’t want to buy an electric toothbrush) is that you can actually just simply take this put it next to your nightstand, take it out of the bathroom this may be that’s a huge habit change for some of us and it may just be better to actually get something that has a cleaning system with it.

5: Not Flossing

you’ve heard this before floss how do you start to floss we know the hardest part is actually creating a habit to start flossing the “Best tip is just to floss one tooth” why because when you start to floss one tooth you actually floss the rest of your teeth.

That’s the hard part is getting started ifloss at the end of the day don’t always do it but when you do it you try to reward yourself, you know just it’s a good feeling.

Also try to set up the system so that you’ve got those individual flashers you will find they’re better for you than actually taking out some and try to wrapping it around fingers by having that individual floss system it’s going to be a little bit more expensive but having that small little floss pick all of a sudden you are able to get the job done.

6: Not Cleaning Your Tongue

Mistake number six is you’re not cleaning your tongue invest in a tongue cleaner

if you don’t want to do that get a toothbrush then on the opposite side it’s actually got a little bit of a tongue scraper not as good but it’ll get the job done.

Worst case use your toothbrush and actually brush off the tongue after you’ve been brushing your teeth for two minutes and it’s important to do every time you brush your teeth.

7: Using a Hard Toothbrush

You are using too hard toothbrush yes this an issue don’t even use the medium go with soft or extra soft it doesn’t really make a difference you’re not looking to get in there and you’re just looking to get rid of some of that the meat OR some of the other food that’s gotten stuck in and around your teeth you’re not looking to, you’re not going to shine, those things up that’s not the aim of the toothbrush.

hard toothbrush

What the problem is a lot of you guys are using medium or harder brushes you’re actually going to damage your gums and that takes us to point number eight.

8: Not Brushing in Circles

How to brush your teeth and that’s actually to go in circles (do brushing in circles) don’t go back and forth and that takes us to mistake number nine

9: Not Using a 45* Angle

You also want to go at a 45 degree angle and that’s one of the reason that you see a lot of brushes they’ve got the bristles that go at an angle

because most of us we go straight on and we go back and forth so if you’ve got a toothbrush and try to do straight you want to go at a 45 degree angle makes sense.

10: Using the Same Routine

That’s men and women do not change up their routine they get used to going in the same order the problem with that is we get lazy, we get sloppy, you need to change up your routine and that’s something you have to consciously think about it.

We don’t like to consciously think about things and that’s the advantage of you know an electric toothbrush is literally you can just guide it and it usually does a better job of actually reaching it because it requires less effort.

The problem is it can train you not to brush your teeth well if you’re having to use a manual toothbrush.

11: Brushing More than twice a day

No need to brush your teeth more than two times a day. A lot of people out there were thinking if brush three times a day four times a day, shouldn’t be doing this, brushing more than two times a day can actually lead the damage and that’s not something that you want to do to your teeth.

12: Not waiting 30min after eating before brushing

A lot of people do is they actually don’t wait 30 minutes after they’ve eaten to brush their teeth and why is it mistake because actually the pH levels have dropped basically your mouth is more acidic, after you’ve eaten and so you need time to be able to get rid of that saliva that hat which has a lot of acid otherwise you can damage the teeth a bit when if you brush too soon after you eat.

That’s it guys let us know in the comments section bellow what you think. we think that almost all of you guys have made at least one of those mistakes the big one for us is actually feces on the toothbrush.