There has been a lot of media covering the subject of water fasting for weight loss lately, and for good reason.

Many countries around the world are trying out water fasting for weight loss, lasting from 24 hours to even a week or more.

But what good does water fasting for weight loss really do for your body?

As it turns out, it does a lot of good – even more than most people think.

However today we’re going to focus strictly on water fasting for weight loss and not the other subjects, although they come into play as well.

So as you know, your body is constantly burning energy in the form of protein, carbohydrates and fat.


When you eat food, your body is in the “fed” state and is focused on digesting the food and adding up fat stores in your body for future energy.

When your body doesn’t have anything left to digest, it flips over to the “fasted” state where it starts burning off calories as well as healing your internal organs in a pretty dramatic way.

Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

But one of the greatest thing that happens after a few hours of not having any food in your system is that your body automatically starts to increase the production of human growth hormone (HGH) – one of the most powerful anti-aging and muscle building chemicals in your body.

At the end of a 24 hour period, it produces between 5-600% more human growth hormone than if you had food!

So although many people think that not eating will cause your muscles to breakdown, and to a certain extent they’re right, over a 24 hour period the boost in human growth hormone counteracts the fact that there is no new protein in your body so it preserves your muscles!

Also, more and more studies have been showing that when you do water fasting for weight loss and your HGH levels go up, you start releasing more fatty acids into your bloodstream, which is what happens as you burn fat.

So all in all, when you do a water fasting diet you accomplish 5 main things:

  1. Burn more fat
  2. Preserve muscle
  3. Cleanse your body
  4. Release HGH which burns more fat, builds muscle and is anti-aging
  5. Give your body a much needed rest!

However the main thing you must know is that if you’re doing water fasting for weight loss, you absolutely need to also be involved in resistance training or your muscle will waste away. There’s much more to it than this article could entail, so we encourage you to look up more information about it.