Women have a higher sex drive than men new studies shows.

Sex is the language men use to express their affectionate loving weak side. Men talks and think a lot about sex but women desire it more often. Today women demand sex greater than men. It’s an outdated label that male are more into sex than female, and a new, although new study approves what women have known for long time: they love getting it on.

In fact, according to study showed by Voucher Codes Pro, nearly 60 per cent of women need more sex than their spouse does. The research was part of a current study into Britons’ relations, the analysis asked 2,383 Britons aged 18 and over who said they were in long-term faithful relationships.

“Investigators found that 59 per cent of female said they wanted more sex from their partner, compared to 41 per cent of male.”

In adding, 21 per cent of couples stated that they argue about not having an adequate sex, however 34 per cent said that a “lack of adventurousness” in the bedchamber was a massive problem in the relationship.

Benefits of Sex for Women:

1.Good for a Woman’s Heart

Women who have sex twice a week are less possible to get heart problems than those who have it once a month.

2. Lowers breast cancer risk

Two of these enzymes oxytocin and DHEA may help to save breasts cancer free. One research showed that females who have sex more than once a month have a minor risk of emerging breast cancer than those who are less sexually active.

3. Increases the Libido

A healthy sex drive is related with physiological and psychological aids. Having sex develops the libidinal energies and offers better lubrication of internal organs, blood flow and vaginal elasticity for female. Female who have a healthy sex life also develop mental health benefits from it, complete a boosted sex life.

4. Increase Bladder Control

Improve a strong pelvic floor and avoid incontinence moving close to 30 percent of women, charming in a healthy sex life. Good sexual activity is brilliant for working out the pelvis floor muscles. When one has an orgasm, it can cause contractions in pelvic muscles and make stronger these.

5. Develop Healthier Skin

Beside with this, sex can also discharge a compound that boosts the glow to your complexion. During the sexual performance, the body produces a hormone named Dehydroepiandrosterone which boosts the immune system, providing healthier skin and even lift the mood.

6. Fewer Menstruation Trouble

When the lady undergoes the big O, the uterus contracts and this can free the body of compounds that cause cramps. Improved number of uterine contractions can also lead to quick removal of tissue and blood, aiding the periods to end faster. Sex also decreases the risk for endometriosis where the uterine tissue cultivates out of the uterus producing pain and trouble in regular functioning.


If you aren’t pleased with your sex life, talk to your spouse about it. Maybe you (or they) feel ignored, too drowsy or busy, or just bored. Communication is key with any relations, and if you aren’t speaking about it, then worse any difficult can come to be.