Every year, May 18th is observed as HIV Vaccine Awareness Day.

The Purpose of HIV Vaccine Awareness Day

It is an occasion to recognize and thank the many scientists, healthcare professionals and community members at home and abroad who are working 24/7 to discover a safe and effective preventive HIV vaccine.

It would be the best way for preventing or delaying the onset of AIDS.

Understanding HIV

Awareness is vital to prevent complications. Do you know what T-cells are? These are white blood cells playing a key role in the functioning of the immune system.

As soon as the human immunodeficiency virus, also known as HIV, enters the body, it begins to destroy these cells. It weakens the immune system and then the body loses its ability to fight the infection.

The virus can be transmitted through contact with infected blood, semen or vaginal fluids. How can you tell if you are infected? The only way to detect it is to have an HIV test. You can’t rely on symptoms to tell if you have it because they aren’t unique.

Some of them include: fever, sore throat, rash and fatigue.

The earlier HIV is diagnosed, the better. If left untreated, it may lead to AIDS and this would be the last stage of the infection.

Is there a cure for this? Presently, there is no functional cure but treatment can keep the infection under control.

Why is the HIV Vaccine so Important ?

Current medications are too expensive and bring a lot of side effects. Vaccines remain the most effective way to eradicate any infectious disease.

Preventive vaccines are given to people before they get infected. They allow the body to protect itself ahead of time.

So to control and totally eradicate the HIV infection, we need an effective, affordable and practical solution.

We Are All in This Together

Scientists have been working for more than two decades to develop a vaccine against HIV. Though antiretroviral medications somehow manage to control the infection, HIV prevention is still a serious concern.

Especially for developing countries that are hardest hit by the virus and also cannot afford the costly treatments.

Different non-profit organizations, pharmaceutical companies, philanthropic groups, and advocacy organizations are collaborating to develop a HIV vaccine for controlling and ultimately ending the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Federal and local government departments provide service support and health insurance coverage. You can always get updates from the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative, the U.S. Military HIV Vaccine Research Program and also the HIV Vaccine Trials Network.

Live a Healthy Life with HIV

Your diagnosis doesn’t mean your life has ended at zero. Modern medications are redefining what it means to live with HIV and still feel healthy.

Don’t forget to make some simple lifestyle changes – go on a balanced nutritional diet, exercise regularly, practice safe sex, quit smoking and go on regular checkups.

Support HIV Vaccine Awareness Campaigns

Did you know there are more than 1.2 million people living with HIV in the United States? Many of them don’t know it.

It’s unfortunate that due to lack of enough information, people are becoming more vulnerable. On May 18, you can organize an event and remind people about how serious the infection is.

We all know a HIV vaccine is the best hope there is. Wearing customized wristbands printed with unique inspirational messages is one of the best ways to create awareness. You can design and purchase these items online.

They are suitable for everyday wear as they are made up of high quality silicone which causes no skin allergies.

With the right treatment and support, people with HIV can live a long and healthy life.