Kids Bad Breath: Treatment Q/A with Dr. Bill

According to the research, the chances of the bad breath emanating from the teeth on a little kid is probably zero, unless they have a lot of cavities, usually kids do not have bad breath for the same reasons that adults do.

So, just look in their mouth.

More likely they’re other things,

Kids Bad Breath Causes

Mouth breathing, when you open your mouth and your mouth dries out there’s a proliferation of bacteria that can cause bad breath, chronic sinusitis, and then gerd, acid reflux.

We heard a lot which is halitosis or dragon breath parents are constantly asking questions

“Why does my five-year-old, or three-year-old, or four-year-old, or eight-year-old, have this terrible breath… sometimes

it is not thumb disease and it is not cavities that’s not why kids get that bad breath,

Q: Is it possible for a child to have a gum infection or a dental infection that could smell really bad?

absolutely but generally you see a huge swelling and it’s going to be very obvious if that’s the reason, if you have a kid who has pretty nice looking teeth and mouth

for the most part even if they get little cavities and also they have bad breath in the morning or any time during the day

it’s not cavities either it’s not gum disease, it’s one of two things

it can either be post nasal drip! which is very common when the child is not clearing the maxillary nasal sinuses very well and they just have this chronic post nasal drip

usually they’ll have enlarged tonsils or adenoids or both and that just creates a situation where the breath smells really bad

sometimes they might have chronic infections that you’re aware of when they have post nasal drip or a hoarse throat or complained of a sore throat a lot things like that

That would kind of accompany a post nasal drip – but not always they may have chronic infections, sinus infections stuffiness or just sound kind of junky

when they’re breathing that’s not uncommon so that’s post nasal drip the other thing that can be going on is what we call silent reflux

often when I ask this question parents will say oh he had reflux or colic as an infant but it went away and a lot of times

it went away in such a way that they’re not projectile vomiting anymore but it really didn’t go away

because reflux and kids is for lots of different reasons but when their real little and babies it’s from either taking too much air in from a notic not having a good swallow or a good seal on the breast or bottle that’s the most common reason it’s called air aphasia

one of the common problems is it causes acid reflux

that causes acid from the stomach to reflux into the oral cavity, that’s one of the other main causes of really bad breath and children

We would not recommend that you run and get your child on reflux medicines as you know that reflux medicines cause more fractures and babies and there’s lots of other problems with reflux medicines

they’re not really tested on children so what would be better is to find out why this child is having reflux and it’s usually again not the same reasons as adults such as eating really bad diet and poor foods