THERE was a touch of k-arma in China once a blogger tried to feast on a live octopus on camera – and it turned the tables and nearly ripped her bully off.

The anonymous  host, referred to as “seaside lady very little Seven”, was left in a very sticky scenario once the eight-limbed invertebrate gripped tightly onto her skin, and refused to budge.

She appeared terribly calm initially whereas being livestreamed making an attempt to eat the creature

Then she accomplished it had been stuck firm to her face, as its tentacles moved  across her eyes

The blogger began to panic, above, and commenced making an attempt to detach its suckers

The missy tried urgently to dislodge the octopus, that command quick

Crying in pain, she managed to wrench it free

The woman command the invertebrate up to the camera, oral communication she would it not eat it consecutive time – as blood may be seen on her swollen cheek

The 50-second video, shown on short-form video platform Kuaishou, shows the missy sob in pain and inform to her swollen, bloody cheek.

At the beginning of the worrying clip, she puts herself in ‘arms approach by showing the big octopus stuck on her face.

But it starts stretching out its tentacles, over her nose, and eventually holds tight to the skin round her left eye, and lips, whereas mounted to her cheek.

In a significantly grotesque a part of the video she cries go into pain whereas making an attempt to prise the octopus away, however the skin round her eye and mouth is sort of done within the method.

The live-streaming host lives in Lianyungang and enjoys uptake food, in line with Kuaishou.

As her fans watch her grotesque expertise, she tells them “look however laborious it’s sucking” whereas making an attempt to budge a tentacle connected to her lip, reports the Mail on-line.

She then screams that it’s “painful” and “I cannot take away it”.

After the girl finally manages to prise it free, she yells “I’ll eat it within the next video”, before noticing that the octopus has left her left cheek swollen and injury.

She then cries: “My face is ugly.”

Known for its terribly giant head and eight arms, AN octopus uses powerful arms to grip rocks, manoeuvre through water and capture prey.

Each arm has tiny suction cups, to keep up a robust grip.

According to Sciencing, every sucker is connected to the arm by a muscular base that may rotate the sucker in any direction.

And scientists World Health Organization have examined the suckers beneath a magnifier have found they need small grooves, that facilitate boost the strength of AN octopus’s seal thus it will maintain its hold on submarine surfaces.