Every Parent and family member know that majority of suicide attempts, suicidal thoughts and suicides happens amount teens with depression.

We won’t ignore these statistics about teen thoughts and depression:

  • About 1% of teen commit suicide.
  • 1% teen in the above stated rate resulted in death.
  • It is clear from the rate that every 1 teen in 10,000 dies from suicide.

Depression and Suicide

The above suicide rate is only for normal teens not for adolescents. When we look up the case of adolescents, we will find a higher rate of suicidal thoughts and depression.

Most of the teens who are depressed think about suicide, they think that this is the way to escape and about 15% to 30% of teens with serious depression commit suicide.

Suicide Attempt

We all should keep this in mind that teens depression is a passing mood.

Sadness, grief, disappointment and loneliness, such thing happen in depression, but this doesn’t mean that a teen should move to suicide attempt.

Just think in mind that if there is no moment in life with grief and sadness than how will be the life. So grief, sadness and happiness is part of the life.

Life is beautiful even and if there is all there things combine.

If a person is always happy than how would they know the grief of other community members, and same is the case with grief, if a person is always in a lonely mood than how they will understand the beauty of life.

Dear readers please understand this simple thing that suicide is not the only way to escape, so be part of the world and accept the challenges we face here.

Major Depression

I have read and listen from many co-workers that if a person remain depressed for a day or two or even a week

than it is termed as major depression or clinical depression and which is than beyond a passing depressed mood.

What do you think about this, is it correct or wrong?

Whether it is true or not but we should have the real power to come back to our normal condition very soon if we want.

Every person has a mental power and he or she can use their mind to control every situation.

If there is need of medicine we should consult and take medicine properly, but again I will say that we all have the power to control ever situation.

Major depression bipolar disorder Though children can experience depression, too, teens are much more vulnerable to major depression and bipolar illness.

Hormones and sleep cycles, which both change dramatically during adolescence, have an effect on mood and may partly explain why teens (especially girls) are particularly prone to depression.

Believe it or not, as many as 20% of all teens have had depression that’s this severe at some point.

The good news is that depression is treatable – most teens get better with the right help.

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It’s not hard to see why serious depression and suicide are connected.

Serious depression (with both major depression and bipolar illness) involves a long-lasting sad mood that doesn’t let up, and a loss of pleasure in things you once enjoyed.

It also involves thoughts about death, negative thoughts about oneself, a sense of worthlessness, a sense of hopelessness that things could get better, low energy, and noticeable changes in appetite or sleep.

Depression also distorts a person’s viewpoint, allowing them to focus only on their failures and disappointments and to exaggerate these negative things.

Part of Depression

Depressed thinking can convince someone there is nothing to live for.

The loss of pleasure that is part of depression can seem like further evidence that there’s nothing good about the present.

The hopelessness can make it seem like there will be nothing good in the future; helplessness can make it seem like there’s nothing you can do to change things for the better.

And the low energy that is part of depression can make every problem (even small ones) seem like too much to handle.

When major depression lifts because a person gets the proper or treatment, this distorted thinking is cleared and they can find pleasure, energy, and hope again.

But while someone is seriously depressed, suicidal thinking is a real concern.

When teens are depressed, they often don’t realize that the hopelessness they feel can be relieved and that hurt and despair can be healed.