At least 49 people were killed, Gunmen attacked worshippers in two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, on Friday, in a dreadful and methodical afternoon killing, part of which was broadcast live on the internet after the publication of a white supremacist platform online.

The massacre, which Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand’s prime minister, sentenced as a terrorist violence and called “an extraordinary and unprecedented action of violence,” disturbed prayer for a small immigrant community in the nation’s third-largest city and vibrated a country with little history of mass shooting.

The police department in New Zealand said they were working to eliminate the video from the social media and advised people not to share it.

Facebook said it was notified by the police in a while after the livestream ongoing. “We speedily removed both the shooter’s Facebook and Instagram accounts and the video,” Mia Garlick, a Facebook representative, said in a speech. “We’re also eliminating any praise or support for the crime.”