Dental health problems are associated with your teeth and gums – like cavities or even tooth loss begin.Unhealthy conditions in the mouth can often be attributed to poor oral hygiene.

These same conditions can also generally be corrected or prevented in the first place by adopting good oral hygiene practices.

A window to Your Dental Health

This four-step oral hygiene program is the key to success with Mediocares.

Brush twice a day

Step one. Brush twice a day in the morning and evening by applying two to five plus drops of natural organic oil for teeth on your tooth brush and brush as normal.

Floss every evening

Step two. Floss every evening before brushing or more frequently as needed.

Get any food particles out from between your teeth. This will also help to eliminate the beginning of plaque build-up.

Natural Organic Oil

Step three. Use any natural organic oil as a mouthwash twice a day, morning and evening. Just put two to five plus drops into an ounce of water, swish and gargle.

This is important to kill bacteria on the back of the tongue which is a breeding ground for bad bacteria.

Kill Bacteria

Step four. Mid-morning, mid-afternoon and as needed put two to five plus drops on the tongue to coat the gum line, teeth and mouth to kill bacteria and bad breath throughout the day.

That’s not all…

Bacteria can build up by the millions and billions in just a few short hours.

Since you only brush twice a day and about 15-16 hours apart, it leaves an open door to massive bacteria build-up.

This step is one of the key secrets to maintaining good oral hygiene and winning the battle back to good oral health.

It’s important to use a soft bristle brush that you don’t damage your gums if you over brush or brush too hard.

Equally important is the material that it’s made of.

Be sure to use a brush with nylon bristles as cheaper plastics can easily break down from the potency of tooth botanical oils.

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Electric Toothbrushes for Dental Health

Most recommended Electric toothbrushes are fine to use as well so long as they adhere to those standards. Just be sure to rinse the brush thoroughly when finished.

Some people prefer to use an oral irrigator in place of floss to clean between teeth with pressurized water.

Oil pulling mouthwash can be added to the water used for irrigation for enhanced antibacterial effect.

But it’s important to remember as stated earlier tooth oil can sometimes damage cheap or plastic components.

In the case of an oral irrigator this could potentially avoid any warranty you might have.

To avoid this flush your irrigator immediately after use with medium hot water for 20 seconds. Natural oil should be used more liberally at night before going to bed.

This will help to prevent your mouth and tongue from producing more bacteria overnight.

Why does this Matter?

Since Oil is comprised of potent botanical oils, you may notice a more intense taste or feeling when you first begin using it. In most cases this is due to its active elimination of harmful bacteria.

The strong taste will begin to subside within three to four days of repeated use as the level of active bad bacteria is driven down.

Be sure to place the cap back on the bottle immediately after use. Its free flowing oxygen can deflate the potency of pure botanical oils.

Pro tip about Dental Health

All dentists will tell you nothing will help your gums or teeth issues if you do not execute a good oral hygiene program.

Keep it clean to prevent costly dental procedures.

When you use the Oil four-step program with proven ingredients that kill bacteria combined with a strong oral hygiene program you are positioning yourself for success on the road back to good oral health.